PKMS Grading Policy

Consistent marking system in PKMS gradebooks.

Another parent connectedness initiative that we have at PKMS is to help our parents better understand and navigate our school system.  Additionally, we are working to help our students develop sound academic behaviors.  To that end, the teachers at PKMS have adopted a consistent marking system in the gradebook so that students and their parents can better understand when an assignment is Late, Exempted, or can still be turned in for points.  Below is that marking system that PKMS teachers will use in their gradebooks to better communicate these ideas:

  1. Zero with “Missing” clicked (using the “M” box) Students are still able to turn in the assignment to be used in conjunction with other scores.
  2. L= Late. Students earned these points because the assignment was late.  No additional points can be earned.
  3. Zero with no comment= Student earned zero points and cannot turn the assignment in for more points.
  4. INC= Incomplete.  Student can fix the assignment for more points.
  5. Ex = Student is exempt from the assignment. No points are earned or lost.

We hope that this systemic method for reporting grades in the gradebook will help our students develop positive academic behaviors through managing the communication tools that the online gradebook provides.  Additionally, we hope that this system clarifies communication of student academic work for our parents.  As always, we encourage our parents to contact the classroom teacher if they have any questions regarding assignments or student grades.