(Students That Accept Responsibility)

We are a student character program at Prairie Knolls. We meet after school until 4:15 PM. We build character throughout the school using posters, activities, contests, etc. The S.T.A.R. Club leads and participates in a variety of community services projects such as our food pantry!

Student Council

Prairie Knolls Student Council is a peer elected group made up of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer at both the 6th and 7th Grade level. In addition to the Officer positions, there are three (3) students elected by their peers from each team. The PKMS Student Council sponsors a variety of activities including school dances and Veteran’s Day. The Student Council often raises money to help out charities and the students and staff at PKMS. This group of individuals works in the interest of the student body to make PKMS a great place to be.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion club is open to all Prairie Knolls students who want to make PKMS a welcoming place to students of all backgrounds. The mission of the DEI club is to create a comfortable, inclusive, and safe space for students of all backgrounds to learn about and appreciate people from different backgrounds. Through various discussions, activities, and events, members of the DEI club aim to develop a true sense of belonging. 

PEP Club

The PKMS Pep Club promotes school spirit year round. We sponsor school spirit weeks, run concessions at home games, support our student athletes and perform at two homes games each year

Jazz Band

The PKMS Jazz Band is open to students who have played a musical instrument for at least 1 year. Jazz band starts in January and ends in May. Students learn from professional jazz musicians and learn the art of improvisation. We perform 1-2 concerts per year.

Art Club

Art club meets twice a month to give students an opportunity to create their own project or to work on the project of the month. Students will also bring their art to the Prairie Knolls campus in the form of murals, and framed art that will be displayed around the building.

Theater / Play Club

The theater program at Prairie Knolls Middle School is designed to provide students the foundations of drama, from preparing an audition all the way through the rehearsal process until a final public performance.

Additional opportunities may be available for students to learn the technical aspects of theater: from prop and costume management to sound, lighting, and scenery management.

Yearbook Club

  • Sponsor – TBD

At Yearbook Club, students have the opportunity to create a lasting memory for themselves and their classmates in the yearbook. All who participate have the freedom to stretch their creative muscles and sink their teeth into a project that will shape how they see the school year. Student editors will create pages for various clubs, sports, and big events from our school year.  Please join us as we embark on this journey to capture our school year!