With the implementation of Canvas, several teachers no longer host a teacher website as all information is on Canvas.  A list of teachers with websites will be added below when they become active.  Simply click on the teacher or group name.  Look below for instructions on how to sign up as a parent for Canvas.

PKMS Theatre

Please follow the steps below to set up the parent Canvas app for your mobile device

  1. Go to the app store for your device (App store for Apple or Google Play for Android)
  2. Search for Canvas Parent app and download (This is a free app)
  3. Once the app is downloaded, open the app and look for “Region Picker”
  4. Click on “Region Picker” and select US (United States)
  5. Click “Create Account”
  6. Enter information for your new account
  7. Next, click on “Add Student”
  8. You will need to find our school district, it IS NOT in the list of schools, you will need to enter the following in the text box: central301.instructure.com
  9. Next, enter your child’s school email address and password (See example below)

Your Child’s email address consists of their student ID number and a tag of “central301.net”

  1. Example: 123456@central301.net

Keep in mind that you child’s password follows the following format

  1.      Capital last initial
  2.      Lower case first initial
  3.      Complete 6-digit locker combo (Example: 031899)
  4.      Here are help guides for Apple devices: http://bit.ly/APPLEdevice
  5.      Here are help guides for Android devices: http://bit.ly/ANDROIDHELP