Halloween Costume Rules

Halloween Costume Rules
Students at PKMS are permitted to dress for Halloween.  Dress up day will be Monday, October 31st. Students should be made aware of the following guidelines in order to maintain a safe and productive learning environment:

  1. Halloween masks should not be worn.   
  2. Props will not be permitted as part of student costumes.
  3. Also, do not wear cleats or spikes as they may damage floors and become slipping hazards.
  4. No weapons, or look-alike weapons, are allowed at any time. No spikes, chains or ropes may be brought to school.  Failure to follow this rule may result in disciplinary consequences.
  5. Make up, hair dye, sunglasses and hats are permitted as long as they are not dangerous or disruptive. Sunglasses and hats must be removed in the classroom.
  6. No clothing that depicts drugs, alcohol or their usage.
  7. Costumes should not prevent the student from fully participating in learning activities. Students will still have PE on those days!  Use good judgement!
  8. All makeup, hair, and accessories must be done at home.
  9. Students may not wear costumes that have inflatable features, or have fans inside of them.
  10. Building administration has the right to require students to change their apparel if it is deemed that the costume is not appropriate for school. If a change of clothing is not available, students will be required to put on clothes provided from the school if they are unable obtain a change of clothing.