Registration is NOW OPEN for the 2024-2025 school year.  Parents / Guardians will need to log into their Skyward Parent Portal to complete the online registration process.  Please complete this important step by Friday, April 19th.  If you do not know your login information, please contact your school from the list below.

New for 2024-2025 – The fee payment step is NOT included in Online Registration. 

Families will need to login to RevTrak directly to pay all fees.

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2024 PK\CMS CC & Track Website Link

Central 301- 2024 Summer Camp Registration Information:

We are pleased to announce that registration for our summer camps are officially open!

Please note a few things about our camps BEFORE YOU REGISTER:

  1. Our camps are for Registered 301 Students Only! 
  2. When registering you will need to select the grade level your child is entering in the 2024-2025 school year.
  3. There are no refunds or exchanges of camp(s) fees and camp fees can not be applied to any of our Athletic Fees.
  4. You must register AND pay for camps to be eligible to participate. Payment alone is not registration of a camp and registration alone is not sufficient enough to be able to attend camp. Both steps must to be done in order to be able to participate in any of our camps!!
  5. If you have any specific camp questions please reach out to the coach hosting that camp for assistance on those questions as they will be able to answer them better than the athletic department will for you.
  6. If you forgot your login and or password please contact Amy Rodriguez via EMAIL ONLY at and she will be happy to help you (unfortunately this is not something she can help you with over the phone so please email her) – AND DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, if you do you will not be able to register your student in the system and you will be stuck instead!!

NOW for the good stuff you have been waiting for the Summer Camp Brochure that has all the information on Our Camps, Registration, & Payments:

2024 Summer Camp Brochure 

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Registration for the PKMS Yearbook Club is now open!!
Mrs. Brummel is looking for students to be part of the Yearbook Club. Members of this club will design, build, and distribute the PKMS yearbooks. Some yearbook roles are photographer, layout designer, photo organizer, and event coordinator. Our virtual tentative meeting schedule is here. The first virtual meeting will start at 4:00pm and will end around 5:00pm 
If you are interested in joining this club, you must register as a participant on the PKMS 8to18 website ( When you enter the website, you will find step-by-step registration instructions on the left hand side under the “Resources” tab. 
If you have any questions about the Yearbook Club, please email Mrs. Brummel at

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October 28 – Black and Orange Day -let’s get ready for the spooktacular weekend!

November 4- Down on the Farm- dress as cowboys or cowgirls

November 11 – Bring out your army fatigues, dress whites or blues, camo or red, white and blue as we honor our Veterans.

November 18-Flannel Day

December 2- Snow Out! Wear white as we prep for the long winter to come!

December 9- Work Out Clothes – Work off those holiday treats!

December 16- Ugly Sweaters/Holiday Wear

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Halloween Costume Rules
Students at PKMS are permitted to dress for Halloween.  Dress up day will be Monday, October 31st. Students should be made aware of the following guidelines in order to maintain a safe and productive learning environment:

  1. Halloween masks should not be worn.   
  2. Props will not be permitted as part of student costumes.
  3. Also, do not wear cleats or spikes as they may damage floors and become slipping hazards.
  4. No weapons, or look-alike weapons, are allowed at any time. No spikes, chains or ropes may be brought to school.  Failure to follow this rule may result in disciplinary consequences.
  5. Make up, hair dye, sunglasses and hats are permitted as long as they are not dangerous or disruptive. Sunglasses and hats must be removed in the classroom.
  6. No clothing that depicts drugs, alcohol or their usage.
  7. Costumes should not prevent the student from fully participating in learning activities. Students will still have PE on those days!  Use good judgement!
  8. All makeup, hair, and accessories must be done at home.
  9. Students may not wear costumes that have inflatable features, or have fans inside of them.
  10. Building administration has the right to require students to change their apparel if it is deemed that the costume is not appropriate for school. If a change of clothing is not available, students will be required to put on clothes provided from the school if they are unable obtain a change of clothing.

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Consistent marking system in PKMS gradebooks.

Another parent connectedness initiative that we have at PKMS is to help our parents better understand and navigate our school system.  Additionally, we are working to help our students develop sound academic behaviors.  To that end, the teachers at PKMS have adopted a consistent marking system in the gradebook so that students and their parents can better understand when an assignment is Late, Exempted, or can still be turned in for points.  Below is that marking system that PKMS teachers will use in their gradebooks to better communicate these ideas:

  1. Zero with “Missing” clicked (using the “M” box) Students are still able to turn in the assignment to be used in conjunction with other scores.
  2. L= Late. Students earned these points because the assignment was late.  No additional points can be earned.
  3. Zero with no comment= Student earned zero points and cannot turn the assignment in for more points.
  4. INC= Incomplete.  Student can fix the assignment for more points.
  5. Ex = Student is exempt from the assignment. No points are earned or lost.

We hope that this systemic method for reporting grades in the gradebook will help our students develop positive academic behaviors through managing the communication tools that the online gradebook provides.  Additionally, we hope that this system clarifies communication of student academic work for our parents.  As always, we encourage our parents to contact the classroom teacher if they have any questions regarding assignments or student grades.

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